Blauw en zilveren stethoscoop
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The benefits of minimally
invasive surgery:

Kleinere incisies dus minder weefselschade
Verminderde kans op infectie
Minder bloedverlies
Minder postoperatieve pijn
Kortere verblijfsduur
Kortere herstelperiode

Department cardiothoracic surgery

Our department was established in 1992 and offers surgical treatment for all heart diseases except congenital procedures (paediatric cardiac surgery) and heart transplants. Cardiac surgical procedures withoutopening the chest may sound like science fiction, but they are already a reality thanks to revolutionaryadvances in cardiac surgical treatment. They are one of our department’s areas of expertise.

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Alaaddin Yilmaz, cardiothoracic surgeon

dr. Alaaddin Yilmaz

Cardiothoracic surgeon

dr. Abdullah Kaya

Cardiothoracic surgeon

The hospitalization team

Team cardiothoracic surgery

The instrumentalists


The perfusion department

clinical perfusionists



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