Preoperative consultation

If you have been told by your attending cardiac specialist that heart surgery is the best way for you to treat your condition, you can visit our medical center for a preoperative consultation.

During the preoperative consultation all your questions about the procedure will be answered. Based on your medical file, the doctor will check whether you have had all the preliminary examinations so that you are completely ready for your heart surgery.

Postoperative consultation

About three weeks after your surgery a postoperative consultation will be scheduled to evaluate your status after your heart surgery. Afterwards, your attending cardiologist will take care of the further follow-up. In case of problems, our team is of course at your disposal.


You can always make an appointment by phone with one of the cardiac surgeons on the number 011/33 71 01. If you come for a second opinion, be sure to bring along existing results and reports. That way, the heart surgeons will be able to assess your heart condition as well as possible.

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